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Satin ribbon clothing labels - 30% cheaper per roll than buying the rolls individually.


Washing Care Labels:

Printed on a super soft satin ribbon





To see the prices - select the number of care labels you need AND the number of labels you need and the price at the top of the page will change according to your selection.






EXAMPLE: I need 3 different care labels (e.g. nylon, cotton/elastane, wool)


How many care types do you need: type 3 here if you need 3 different care labels.


Number of labels per roll: if you choose 50 - you will get 50 label for each care label (e.g.: 50 x nylon, 50 x cotton/elastane, 50 x wool)


Comments: list all the 3 care labels you want on your labels (e.g. nylon, cotton/elastane, wool) - please choose from the care label list below




Design: Loopfold

Font: Arial

Ink: Black

Ribbon: White


Our labels are flat rolled as one continuous roll of 50 or 100 labels.



  • These labels are pre-rolled, in stock and are ready to ship.

  • Sorry we do not do smaller roll sizes.

  • We do not do split orders.

  • Item are shipped exactly as they are pictured in the individual listings. If you want the label changed please purchase the individual rolls in the Custom Order Washing Care Labels

  • All labels included in these bulk buy deals have "Made in Australia" on them - other country of origins are not included in these bulk deals sorry.

  • Shipped in 24-48 hours.





To use the labels, simply cut the label off at the cutting line. The sides of the label are heat sealed. Fold the label in half and sew it into the seam of your garment.

Loopfold labels

Clothing labels are required for all clothing manufacturing and handmade clothing.

100% Acetate
100% Acrylic
100% Cotton - Cold wash / Hot iron
100% Cotton - Cold wash / Warm iron
100% Cotton - Do not iron embellishments - Cold wash / Warm iron
100% Cotton - Do not iron embellishments - Do not dry clean
100% Cotton - Do not iron embellishments - Warm wash / Warm iron
100% Cotton - Warm hand wash / Do not iron
100% Elastane
100% Polyester - Cool wash / Cool iron
100% Polyester - Warm hand wash / Cool iron
100% Polyester base / 100% Acrylic Pile
100% Wool
65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
65% Polyester / 35% Silk
80% Nylon / 20% Elastane
80% Nylon / 20% Spandex
82% Polyester / 18% Elastane
95% Cotton / 5% Elastane
Bamboo / Cotton
Cotton / Nylon
Cotton - Cold wash / Hot iron
Cotton - Cold wash / Warm iron
Cotton - Do not iron brand label
Cotton - 4cm wide - Do not iron brand label
Cotton - Do not iron embellishments - Cold wash / Hot iron
Cotton - Warm Hand wash / Cool iron
Cotton / Elastane
Cotton / Hemp
Cotton / Lycra
Cotton / Microfibre / PUL
Cotton / Microfleece
Cotton / Polyester - Warm wash / Warm iron
Cotton / Polyester / Elastane
Cotton / PVC
Cotton / Wool
Cotton & PUL Lining
Cotton Blend - Cold wash / Hot iron
Cotton Blend - Cold wash / Warm iron (do not dry clean)
Cotton Voile
Dry Clean Only
Hemp / Organic Cotton
Leatherette: Polyester / Polyurethane
Linen / Cotton
Nylon / Elastane
Nylon / Elastane - Rinse thoroughly
Nylon / Lycra
Nylon Supplex / Spandex
Organic Cotton - Cool iron
Organic Cotton - Warm iron
Organic Cotton / Elastane
Polyester - Warm hand wash / Cool iron
Polyester / Cotton - Do not dry clean (Warm wash / Warm iron)
Polyester / Elastane
Polyester / Lycra
Polyester / PVC
Polyester / Spandex - Cold hand wash
Polyester / Spandex - Warm hand wash
Polyester / Viscose Rayon
Polyester / Viscose Rayon / Elastane
Polyester Cotton - Warm wash / Warm iron
Silk / Spandex
Viscose Rayon
Viscose Rayon / Polyester
Warning - Choking Hazard
Warning - Toy

Customer Reviews (4)

Perfect and time saving!

Posted by Carley on 18th Sep 2017
These labels are great because they're pre-made and ready to go. I got my labels really quickly. This option meant I could bypass the lengthy process of ordering custom printed labels for simple fabric compositions because they've got so many to choose from ready to go. They're great quality too, and packaged nicely.

Fast service.

Posted by Sue on 21st May 2017
Well packed little parcel arrived so promptly I couldn't believe it. I'm so impressed with products and service!


Posted by Cassie on 27th Apr 2017
I love my labels, perfect for what I need, easy to use and well printed.

Great deal

Posted by Nicole on 15th Jan 2017
Solved all of my care labelling requirements in one easy purchase. Fast postage, easy to deal with. Highly recommended!
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