If this is your first time creating a clothing label - then this information will help.


Important Notes:

The labels are printed on satin, microfibre and nylon ribbon in a loopfold or endfold design.

I do not sell cotton labels. I do not sell flat sew-on labels. I do not offer full colour printing.

Labels can be printed in one colour only (black, red, green or blue)



Make a list of what you want on your label - here are some things you might want on your label:

The amount of information you want on your label will dictate how big or small your label will be, so this is an important list to make.


Have you checked the labelling laws for your product?

Do you want a single or double sided label?





Where will the label go on your product:





Now this part is important!!! 



  1. Cut a piece of paper 4cm wide x 4cm long.

  2. Lay the piece of paper on your product, where the label will go.

  3. If the label is too wide, cut the paper down to 3.5cm wide.

  4. If the label is too long, cut the paper down to 3.5cm long.

  5. Keep cutting the piece of paper down in 1/2 cm increments until it looks right on your product.

  6. When the piece of paper is the right size, measure the finished length and width.

  7. These are the measurements you need to put on the listing when you order.

  8. Do you want the text to go across or down your label - write this in the comments box on the listing.




Using your own logo.


NOTE: Does your logo have a floral wreath, lots of super fine lines, all pastel colours, or watercolours? If the answer is yes, these types of logos do not print well. My printer reads images in black and white, not shades of grey, so all colours of a similar tone will be seen as either black or white. Just because I can't use your logo it is not the end of the earth.

For example, If you can tell me the name of the font used in your logo and I can type the text part exactly the same as your logo. Instead of the floral wreath I could do a simple flower - so the label is in the same style and theme as your logo.

Logos need to be in an image format such as .jpg or .png - NO PDF's or Word documents. Images must be black and white (no grey). If you upload a colour logo to your order form, there is a $25.00 logo setup fee to convert your colour logo into a suitable black and white logo. there is no fee if you upload a black and white image to your order form listing.


Let's see if your logo will work for the label size you want!

You will need a computer and a ruler for this!

For example: if you are considering a 2cm wide label, drag the corner of your logo down so the logo measures 1.8cm wide on the screen, use the ruler to measure the width of the image on the screen. 


Now look at your logo and answer these questions:

1) Is the text easy to read? 
2) Are the images easy to identify?

If you said yes, woo hoo - your logo should work fine on that label size.

If you said no, you will need to consider a larger label or removing the small items from the logo. 





Care Instructions

Ideal label size: 3cm wide x 3cm long - also possible on a 2.5cm x 2.5cm long labels.

Care instructions cannot be done on a 2cm wide labels unless you are okay with the label being longer than normal. 1cm wide ribbon cannot have care instructions - this sized label is suitable for sizes or a few characters only.

Care instructions should address each stage of the washing, drying, ironing process and include dry cleaning instructions last. Instructions should be in the order that you care for the product.

Text cannot be printed smaller than 5.5 to 6pt font, so if you have lots of instructions, your label will be longer than the ideal sizes mentioned above.


 STEP 5.

Okay, so now you have an idea what you want - pop over to the custom order labels menu and select the listing that most suits your needs. Fill in the listing options. If you are confused what a listing option means, just scroll down to the bottom of the page as the listing options are explained in detail. Fill in the listing as best you can. Don't stress if it is not perfect!!! Add your listing to your shopping cart and checkout as normal.

After your order comes through, I will manually create a label proof image using the information on your order form. A label proof image will be emailed to the email address on your order form. You are welcome to make as many changes as you like to your label proof from here. I understand that sometimes customers see their label and it isn't how they envisioned. So don't worry, if you want to change the label size, the font, the layout, change the wording, add more information etc. - there are no extra charges for changes. We can keep working on the label proof together until you are 100% happy with your label. Once you approve the label proof I will go ahead and print and post your order.


After reading this.....if you still have questions please pop over to our FAQS page  or send me an email