Iron-on Logo and size

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Maximum file size is 500000,

Maximum file size is 500000,

To see the prices, just select how many different sizes you need and how many labels you want per size and

the price will change accordingly.


Label height: 1.5cm high (only one size available)

Label width: variable (to suit content)

Design: Iron-on Nylon material - flat

Font: Arial or Arial Bold - sizes

Ribbon: White

Single sided printing


Simple bold logos are recommended with larger text. Small text will not print well on a 1.5cm high label.



Labels per roll: is how many labels you want of each size e.g. 30 x labels with size 1 on them.


How many sizes do you need:  if you need for example sizes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - you need 5 different sizes, so you would enter 5 here.


List the sizes you need: Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 etc.


In this example, you would receive 5 x rolls of 30 labels. Each roll of labels would have 30 labels printed with one size on them. A total of 150 labels.




Upload your logo in the space provided.


Logo's need to be uploaded as a 300dpi image file (.jpg or .png). We cannot use a word document or PDF file

Logo's must be black and white (no grey) image.


If you upload a solid black and white image (NO GREY TONES) - tick that you uploaded a black and white image (there is no logo setup fee)


If you uploaded a colour image - tick that you uploaded a coloured image - our staff will convert your colour image to a black and white image (there is a $25.00 logo setup fee for this). Our printers read images in black and white. 



We do not do full colour printing - please select one ink colour.