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New to Ted and Toot? Worried about our quality or how our labels wash.

No worries at all.


You can purchase one of our sample packs and you will get a range of labels, such as:


Iron-on label

Various custom order labels with sizes and layouts printed on white ribbon:

  • Logo only
  • Logo, care instructions
  • Logo, size and care instructions
  • Warning label
  • Care label
  • Size label

3 x labels printed in coloured ink (red, blue and green)

4 x coloured ribbon samples (rose pink, lemon, sunset orange, grey and copper)

Includes postage and handling


(PS: the price covers our costs only, such as postage, postage materials, seller fees, cost of the samples etc.)

Customer Reviews (3)

Sample Pack

Posted by Kym Shields on 18th Nov 2017
Loved seeing the sample pack. It gives me great insight to see what the different labels look like and what size they come in. this will help me greatly with my future orders.

Sample Pack

Posted by Tara on 23rd Sep 2017
Was great to see the differences in the labels and to make decision on what I wanted for my products.

Labels and Service Outstanding

Posted by Sascha on 5th May 2017
I recently ordered a sample pack of labels from Ted and Toot. They arrived in my mailbox quickly which was fantastic. I was excited to order these, so I loved that I didn't have long to wait before I could make some design decisions. There were many styles and sizes to choose from, more than I expected and the quality is beautiful. I can't wait to place my next order.
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