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All of the labels in this section are in stock and ready to ship.

If you need a few different care labels be sure to check out our bulk buy deals as these are heavily discounted.


Did you know it is a legal requirement in Australia to have care labels on your products? Well it is.


Fun fact: your care labels should address each stage of the care process e.g. washing instructions, drying instructions, ironing instructions and dry cleaning instructions.


So what fibre do you need? Remember the fibre is what the fabric is made from. For example, Denim fabric is commonly made from 100% Cotton fibre.


Many knit fabrics have Elastane in them which makes them stretchy. Most of you will know the trademarked names Lycra and Spandex - these fabrics are made from Elastane (which is the term preferred by the Australian Labelling Standards).


We have a huge range of care labels in stock - but remember that we are happy to custom print labels for you if you cannot find what you are looking for.