The best way to contact us







  We do not have a phone number

   Why? We operate from a small office. We cannot hear the phone over the noise of the

  machinery. We cannot stop printing to take calls.

  Email is the best and fastest way to contact us.






Chat with us

We have a chat feature on our website homepage and your can message us via Facebook and Instagram.





Commonly asked questions

TURNAROUND TIMES: In stock and reordered labels ship in ~ 4 business days. Custom made labels take ~ 11 business day to design and manufacture. Plus postage times.


Can I just email you to get a quote: No need to, all our prices are listed on our website.


Do I get to see an image of my custom order label before you print my labels: Yes, we will email the image to you for approval.


I don't know if I filled in the product page correctly, HELP: 

CUSTOM LABELS: Don't stress!! The order form is a guide, after we receive your paid online order, we email your label proof to you, we can work on it together and make changes until you are 100% happy with your label.

If we see an issue with your order form our friendly staff will email you to confirm the details.


Can you design and print a sample label and post it to me before I order: No, sorry we don't start work until we receive a paid online order.


Can I just ring you and place an order over the phone: No, sorry the printers are very noisy and email is the best way to contact us. We require lots of details and sometimes images - it is easier for staff if we have this in writing so we can efficiently create your labels as per your request. It is hard to obtain this information over the phone. All payments are taken via our website.


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