Important Announcement:

Orders placed after 4.30pm Friday 19th April will not be actioned until after Thurs 25th April.

While I am in hospital having surgery no one will be available to process orders or answer emails. 

Thanks for Understanding.





Step 1: On the homepage select a label material by clicking on an image.

Step 2: Choose a product based on what you want printed on your labels (click on an image).

  • Size labels - these are garment sizes (e.g. 12-18 month) 

  • Custom labels with sizes - these are brand labels which have your logo/brand name, maybe care instructions AND the size printed on the label.

  • Custom labels - these have your brand name and/or logo, maybe care instructions if you want them but NO sizes printed on the labels.

  • Sequentially numbered labels are perfect for hire garments where each tag has a different number of the corner of the label so you can track down a specific product.

Step 3: Fill in the product page, telling us what you want on your label and what your label should look like. Don't stress this is just design and layout information we will use to design your label for you. 

The prices are outlined on this page. Select the number of labels from the drop down box. It you are buying labels with sizes printed on them, select the number of sizes you need too. The price will show according to your selections.

  • Choose the number of labels you want.
  • Choose your label layout (iron-on, endfold, loopfold, loopfold side-seam, flat etc.) 
  • Upload a logo
  • Tell us if you want a brand name, care instructions or sizes, what font you want etc.
  • Tell us if you want text on the front and back of the label or just the front.
  • Write what you want on the label in the space provided.
  • Choose a label width
  • Pick an ink colour (pick one only)
  • Etc etc....

Step 5: Add the product to your cart and checkout when you are finished shopping.

Step 6: When we get your order form, we will design a label proof image based on the information you have given us.

Step 7: We will email the proof image to you for changes and/or approval. Make as many changes as you like until you are 100% happy with your label.

Step 8: We will manufacture your labels here in Western Australia, then package and post them.


This process takes around 7 business days plus postage times.


Labels are sold on a roll with cutting lines marked between the labels.


We do not do full colour printing. 

We do not make woven labels.