Step 1: Click on the RE-ORDER: Custom designed labels menu option on the home page.

Step 2: Choose the material you want your labels printed on. (this will open another page)

Step 3: Choose what is on the labels reprinted. (this will take you to the product you need to order)

Step 4: Fill in the product page.

  • You need to upload the label proof image you approved when we first designed your label or a photo of the label you want reprinted.


  • Labels are printed exactly as they were last time (you can ask for the label proof to be printed on a different ribbon or ink colour or have different sizes printed on your labels, that is okay).



  • If you need any details, text or logo/images (other than sizes) changed on the label or the label dimensions changed - please order a new label design. We will draw up a new proof image for your approval.


Step 5: Add the product to your cart and checkout when you are finished shopping.

Step 6: We will manufacture your labels here in Western Australia, then package and post them.


This process takes around 3 business days plus postage times.