Can I call you?

We prefer customers email us at sales@tedandtoot.com.au.


We cannot hear the phone over the noise of the printing equipment and cannot stop printing to take calls. It is much faster to email us.

How Do I Re-order My Labels?

Just use the re-order listings - you don't need an account to do this.


Do You Send Quotes?

No, sorry. Prices are listed on the website so customers are aware of all the costs before they order. To see the prices on the listing, just select the number of labels you want. The price will change according to your selection. If you need labels in a quantity larger than those listed on our website, please email us for a price.


Can I see what my label will look like before I buy?

No, sorry. After the order is received a label proof image is manually designed and created using the information on your order form. A label proof image will be emailed to the email address on the order from for approval. You are welcome to make as many changes as you like to your label proof. Labels are priced on quantity only so you are welcome to make as many changes to your labels e.g. label size, font, layout, text, images etc. without incurring any extra charges.



Colour Logo Setup Fee:

The listing asks: What type of logo did you upload? If you ticked "Colour ($25.00 logo setup fee)" - The $25.00 logo setup fee is for us to convert your colour logo to a black and white image.
The listing does not say your labels will be printed in full colour.
Our printers read images in black and white (NO GREY). If you pay this fee - your image will be converted into a suitable black and white image (which can take 15 to 120 minutes, depending on the logo). Sometimes this involved manually converting individual pixels and this takes time. After the image has been converts the label proof image will be emailed to you for approval. The image is kept on file so if you choose to use the same image again in a future order you will not need to pay this fee again. If you would like a new image converted on a future order - the logo fee will apply
This fee is NOT to print your labels in full colour.

 This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you receive your label proof and then decide to cancel your order because you wanted full colour printing - your order will be refunded minus the $25.00 fee. Once the image has been modified and your label proof image has been emailed to you - services have already been rendered for this part of the sale - therefore the logo setup fee will not be refunded. Please carefully read the listing so you know what you are purchasing.


I am completely confused about label size, help?

Okay don't stress, the best thing you can do is read the Help section.



Do you post samples?

Sorry no - If you want to see the quality of the labels and want to test wash them for yourself you are welcome to buy a generic sample pack.


Do you offer full colour printing?

No. The printer prints one colour per print job (per listing).


Do You Charge A Label Setup Fee?

Logo's need to meet specific requirements.

  • 300dpi
  • black and white (no grey)
  • jpg, png or other image format
  • NO PDF's or Word documents.

There is no logo setup fee it the correct image is uploaded to the order form.


What sort of logos don't print well?

Watercolours, super fine lines, floral wreaths, very small text, pastels.


I don't have a logo, do you have images I can pick from?

Yes. Pop over to the images page.


I just want my business name in a nice font, do you have fonts I can choose from?

Yes. Pop over to the fonts page.


Do You Sell Cotton Labels or Woven Labels?

No, sorry. All labels are printed on white satin or microfibre ribbon. Iron-on labels are printed on a nylon tape


Do You Sell Flat Sew-On Labels?

No, sorry. Labels are printed on white satin ribbon and are sold on a continuous roll. Labels are cut off the roll as they are needed and the cut ends will fray if they are not sewn into a seam.


Do You Individually Cut Labels For Me?

No, sorry. 


Do You Do Mixed Size Label Bags?

No, sorry. 


Why Can't I Have More Than One Proof Per Listing - e.g. I ordered 100 labels and I want 50 to say one thing and 50 to say another?

Label proofs are created for each label that is printed. Proofs are printed, counted, hand rolled and packed. Creating multiple proofs per listing multiplies the handling time and this is not factored into the cost of the labels.


How Do I Use the Loopfold Labels?

Your labels will come on a continuous roll. Cutting lines are marked on the ribbon to show you where to cut off each label - as you need them. Fold the label in half and sew it into the seam of your garment.


How Do I Use the Iron-on Labels?

You will get a card in your parcel with the iron-on instructions. Just in case you don't get these...follow these steps.

  • Cut the label at the cutting line
  • Place the label on the garment, then place a cloth on top of the label
  • Set the iron to the cotton setting with steam. Press the iron on top of the cloth, holding it firmly in one place for 9-10 seconds. Do not iron back and forth.


Will the Labels Fray?

No, the sides of the labels are heat sealed. The ends of the label are sewn into the seam of your garment. So your label will not fray.


I Don't Know What Labels I Need?

Visit the HELP menu option for tips and information.


I Don't Know the Australian Standards for Labelling, Can You help?

It is up to individual sellers to know the Australian Labelling Laws. These standards guides can be purchased from SAI Global. Customers should read the Trade Practices Act and Product Safety Australia website. I am happy to answer questions regarding the standards if asked; however, I am not the authority on this topic. I can advise customers to the best of my knowledge only. I am happy to help where ever I can but it is your legal responsibility to source the correct information and to know the laws regarding your own products.


Here are some helpful links:




Where do you post from?

Western Australia


Do you offer international postage?



How quickly will you post my order?

Ready to ship stock like size and care labels, will be posted within around 48 hours of payment.

Please bear in mind Australia Post only collects orders Monday to Friday.


For custom order labels - please allow 5 to 7 business day for processing.

Do you do combined postage?

Yes, select combined postage at checkout.


If you still have questions please email me at sales@tedandtoot.com.au :)