Step 1: Click on the NEW DESIGN: Custom printed labels menu option on the home page.

Step 2: Choose the material you want your labels printed on. (this will open another page)

Step 3: Choose what you want on your label. (this will take you to the product you need to order)

Step 4: Fill in the product page. The prices are outlined on this page.

  • Choose the number of labels you want.
  • Choose your label layout (iron-on, endfold, loopfold, loopfold side-seam etc.) 
  • Upload a logo
  • Tell us if you want a brand name, care instructions or sizes, what font you want etc.
  • Write what you want on the label in the space provided.
  • Choose a label width
  • Pick an ink colour (pick one only)
  • Etc etc....

Step 5: Add the product to your cart and checkout when you are finished shopping.

Step 6: When we get your order form we will design a label proof image based on the information you have given us.

Step 7: We will email the proof image to you for changes and/or approval.

Step 8: We will manufacture your labels here in Western Australia, then package and post them.


This process takes around 7-11 business days plus postage times.