Iron-on labels with Sequential numbering

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Labels come with sequential number printed on them::
e.g. 5102, 5103, 5104, 5105
A label proof image will be emailed to you::
One proof image per product purchased

Maximum file size is 500000,


Iron-On Clothing Labels:


Printed on a nylon ribbon


Design: Flat - iron on

Ink: Black, Red, Green or Blue (pick one)

Ribbon: White nylon light plastic/paper like texture - with iron on backing


 Labels have a sequence of numbers printed on the labels - for example.


Label 1: logo with the number 5101 underneath

Label 2: logo with the number 5102 underneath

Label 3: logo with the number 5103 underneath

Label 4: logo with the number 5104 underneath

Label 5: logo with the number 5105 underneath etc. etc


Numbers must be in sequence


We do not offer full colour printing - please upload a solid black and white image if you would like a logo. We cannot use images with colour or grey tones.



  • We will email a label proof to you for approval before we print your order - please make sure you email address is correct.

  • Sorry we do not do smaller roll sizes.

  • We do not do split orders.



To use the labels, simply cut the label off at the cutting line. Place the label on the garment and then place a cloth on top of the label. When the iron is hot, press the iron down on top of the cloth. Hold the iron very firmly in one position - do not iron back and forth. 


Care labels are required for all clothing manufacturing and handmade clothing.